Your Wedding at South Lodge

You are holding your Wedding reception one of the venues we love working at, South Lodge Hotel. We feel honoured to be providing the DJ for you!

Using the login details we sent you, feel free to login at any time to add music requests or adjust your timeline. Feel free to contact us at any point if you want to discuss details so we can ensure everything goes exactly the way you want it to.

There are many ways to personalise your big day. We understand that budgets are not unlimited, so we offer good discounts on additional things you may be considering to enhance your Wedding. Here are some popular options, but if there’s something not listed which you need, then please let us know and we can try to source that for you

Ceremony music

Rather than a Harpist, or trusting staff with a CD or iPod, you may prefer the reliability and quality our systems provide. Using a very discreet sound system, we can provide both background music and entrance music as appropriate
After discussing with you exactly which pieces of music you would like for the various stages of your ceremony, we plan and edit to time, so that you get the parts of the songs you really love, played exactly when you need them, without worry.  Read more here…

Uplighting & Colourwash

Using LED upllighting, we can help transform your venue, or perhaps highlight features in your colour
scheme. Uplighting is a really cost effective way to ‘decorate’ the venue and make it personal to your and
your party or corporate colours. Using modern LED Uplighting, we can match most colour schemes, and no
matter what colour you go for, our uplighting creates a magical effect to make any venue personal to you, and
even more stunning
You can have these on during the day as well if you wish, when they are quite subtle due to the light coming
through the windows, then of course when the sun goes down, the uplighting really will transform the venue!

Uplighting South Lodge

Dancing On Clouds – Dry Ice

Create an amazing effect for your first dance! Using our dry ice machine, we create a low lying cloud as you enter the dance floor for your 1st Dance, this continues throughout your special moment and more dances if needed
Full details are here

LED Dancefloor

LED Dancefloor Magic

For perhaps the ultimate WOW factor, how about our LED
Dancefloor… Read More…

Party Mirror

Party Mirror is the latest thing in Photo Booth technology,an interactive touchscreen mirror with a classic frame, allowing full length pictures. Complete with party props, Party Mirror is great fun for everyone!


Find out more…


How about a Vintage Sweet Cart!

With a great selection of popular sweets (you can request specific favourites!) on board our Vintage Sweet cart, you will be very popular with guests of all ages
Find out about our Vintage Sweet Cart…

Wedding Sweet Cart

Wedding Sweet Cart

Personalised Name Projection

Really personalise things with your names and maybe Wedding Date projected anywhere you like. Using either a bespoke gobo (glass insert for a light), your names can be projected on any wall or surface, rotated, change colour and move around the room to your design and plan. We can also use high quality video projection, which although fixed on one surface, offers almost unlimited facilities for projecting your names, your photo’s and or video’s, or a combination of all of those!

Bespoke Gobo South Lodge

Bespoke Gobo South Lodge

Please feel free to request a quote below, it’s free and we won’t spam you, or pester you with phone calls!

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