Stained Glass Lighting

Ideal for Ashdown Park Hotel, to light windows after dark
Stained Glass Windows look fantastic during the day, now you can enjoy them in the evenings, or during winter Wedding Receptions as well !

At one of our SGWindows2 regular venues, Ashdown Park Hotel, we realised the need for evening guests to be able to enjoy the spectacular stained glass windows. This is also ideal for Winter Weddings, where it gets dark perhaps before you sit down for your wedding breakfast. Now you can all enjoy the full splendour of these amazing windows in their full glory for just £295

This picture was taken at night, when all you would normally see is black stripes, and is an accurate represention of what we can achieve at Ashdown Park Hotel with our powerful floodlights
The window lighting package is available, whether you book other entertainment or options through us. We want you to have the perfect event at Ashdown Park Hotel, so do contact us to see how we can help you achieve this with our lighting options

We can never compete with the sun for brightness, especially through 200 year old thick coloured glass, but as you can see from the pictures, there is plenty of detail to be seen and enjoyed


To demonstrate the difference between having the stained glass window floodlighting on and off, here is a picture with one of the lights turned off. As you’ll see, after dark you and your guests will miss out on the beauty of these amazing windows without professional lighting behind them. When booked with any other entertainment or lighting option with us, the price for bringing these incredible stained glass windows to life after dark is just £265. We offer at least 10% discount on all packages

Don’t be dissapointed on your big day when you and your guests can’t appreciate one of the main features of this fantastic venue after the sun goes down