Name Projection


We have two ways to put your name in lights – Gobo Projection or Video Projection

A Gobo is a fixed glass insert we place into one of our moving heads, meaning that your names, Wedding date & maybe a heart can be projected onto any surface (ideally flat). The Moving Head allows us to keep the image on one position, or move it around the room either constantly, or every xx seconds. It can rotate and change colour if you wish

Gobo Projection

The Video projection option generally offers much more scope for creativity, but would only be projected onto one wall or surface. Being video, we can literally project a full HD video, whether that’s family movies, a photo montage or the Bride & Groom’s names or all of those! We can animate and colour any amount of text you’ve chosen, mix this with any photos or video you supply, to give a real WOW effect

Price for Gobo Projection is £110 with your choice of gobo design

Price for Video Projection depends on what you want to project, therefore how much processing work we need to do for you. Do drop us an email or call to discuss this, we’re pretty sure it will be cheaper than you expect. Typically you would be looking at around £200-£250