Awards Presentations


A Hollywood Theme for your party or event can be a spectacular look !
We have a selection of props and equipment, music and video to create that special awards night, in your venue


For your Hollywood Theme Party in Sussex or elsewhere, choose from our Lifesize Hollywood Award style
Statues, Velvet Security Ropes & barriers, assorted projection and big screen options, backdrops, clapper boards, movie posters, Red Carpet, and Hollywood style searchlights for inside or outside your venue

We can also arrange a Papparazi Pack of photographers for your entrance, to make your guests feel extra
special. Guests can be tackled by our ‘funny security men’ who will magically find all sorts of odds things
your guests shouldn’t be carrying !
As you would expect, our Mobile DJs have all the right music to help create that special Hollywood
atmosphere, with movie themes and other appropriate sounds, including fanfares for use during
presentations !

Even using just a couple of our themeing facilities for your Hollywood party can make a huge impact, and
create a wonderfull atmosphere. For a 21st Birthday at South Lodge Hotel near Horsham, in West Sussex,
we hung theming backdrops around the walls, set a stage with appropriate lighting, and arranged mini
statues for her presentations to friends.
Along with our Disco uplighting, this was amazing for the client, and really transformed the room for their party

A corporate client approached us for a Hollywood Theme for their Annual Sales Awards at South Lodge
We helped out with a Red Carpet entrance, with velvet rope barriers and lifesize Hollywood award style
Statues, which really helped set the scene.
For the awards, we created a stage area with a 10 foot wide screen, named directors chairs, with 2 further
lifesize Statues either side, with the mini statues as the awards.
Using subtle lighting techniques along with our lifesize themed golden statues, the stage became a
massive focal point. The client was then able to use our projection facilities for their Powerpoint
presentation and ceremony, accompanied by fanfares inserted by our DJ
‘Hi Pete,

Thank you very much to you and Brad (DJ) for providing the props and entertainment for our sales conference last
month – I heard from my colleagues that it was a great night.
Many thanks,
So if you’re looking for a Hollywood Theme for your event, or any other theme, do contact us and we’ll be
pleased to help !
Terms such as ‘Hollywood Oscar’, ‘Oscar Statue’, ‘Oscar Statuette’ are copyright owned by the Academy
of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and therefore are not used here. Pictures of Lifesize Oscar Statues
which are vaguely similar looking to the original ‘Oscar Statue’ also infringe their copyright, and are
therefore also not shown. We make no suggestion or inferance and none should be taken that we have
connections with, or represent in any way, The Academy, their products or services.