Wedding Singer

“I love helping to create musical memories… They live in the heart forever”

Fil Straughan is an amazing Wedding Singer and Entertainer, he shares his heart, soul & his expertise as an incredible, versatile singer & extraordinary crowd pleasing showman.FilStraughan

Performing inspiring versions of your favourites, he reads his audience and chooses the right songs for the moment – Jazz, soul to current chart toppers or house music.

Fil_Straughan_SingerFil’s engaging, energetic, passionate personality means he really gets involved with your audience.  His smooth  interaction bring everyone into the party.  FiL’s ability to put people and ease is made better by his spontaneous improvisation – personalising a song to create truly unique & memorable experiences.

Perfect for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, bah/bat mitzvahs, pubs, clubs, and every other occasion you need a professional singer with personality

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