Five piece function band Spice for your wedding, civil partnership, corporate event, or party
Experience and versatility are the keywords in the Spice formula for a successful party.
From a compact trio right up to a seven-piece band complete with horn section, Spice can tailor the lineup
of the band to suit the size of your function
The repertoire is extensive. Expect to hear songs that range from Glenn Miller to Ronan Keating … and
everything in between. Abba, Elvis, Tom Jones, Al Green, The Beatles, Tina Turner, Rod Stewart, Boyzone,
Shania Twain … all are included. The list is endless.
Spice take pride in making sure that all aspects of the performance are attended to thoroughly. With a
high-quality PA system suitable for venues of any size, lights for the stage and dancefloor and a smoke
machine, you can be sure that Spice have all the ingredients on board to create a successful party
Prices from £700, a brass section can be added for extra impact

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