Outside Wedding Sound

Would you like your guests to be able to hear your Ceremony?
I’m sure the answer is yes, and you may be assuming that they will be close enough to hear, you may not
be aware that at least part of your Ceremony (Vows) must take place under cover for legal reasons.
So if your guests are outside, they won’t hear very much at all which is a real shame. However we can
solve this for you using a discreet sound system and microphones
This two minute video shows how we do it…

Wedding Sound

From experience, if your Ceremony is inside a brick building then normally the majority of guests will be
able to hear what’s going on. If you are in a Marquee it becomes more difficult for them to hear, although
they may well hear road traffic and aircraft quite well!
Where your guests are on the lawn and your Wedding Ceremony is under cover, they will not hear very
much at all. Much will depend on the Regestrar conducting your Wedding Ceremony. He or She will often
(but not always) hold as much of the Ceremony outside and within earshot of as many people as possible, but your vows must be done inside (and they invite your witnesses inside for the reason that they otherwise would not hear them)
Let us help solve this for you using experience and high quality, discreet equipment.
Depending on the Venue, our fee for this is only £250

Ceremony Music
You may have a Harpist or similar live music, but where budget or taste is different we can discuss music
choices with you. We will play these out for you to give maximum impact to the various parts of your
Music while guests gather in anticipation of the Bride
Brides entrance music, timed perfectly for your walk to your Groom
Music for the signing of the Register
You Recessional as a Married Couple

Then maybe background music during drinks reception…
Our fee when booked with the above Microphone package is just £50 (so a total of just £300 for the perfect Outdoor Ceremony)
If you don’t want or need the microphones option, we can still provide timed and edited music played out through our system, indoors or out. The fee for this is just £200 (Depending on Venue/travelling)


Please feel free to request a quote below, it’s free and we won’t spam you, or pester you with phone calls!

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