Arabian Theme

Arabian theming for your party can be both original and lots of fun!

We have everything you need, from coloured lighting to set the theme, suitable music, authentic candle lamps for tables, Snake Charming, Belly Dancers and even a live Camel!

Arabian Theming Belly Dancer Camel Hire

Our selection of Belly Dancers perform traditional dances, they can also perform with a full sized Python which the audience can touch. Belly Dancing with Fire is another option to consider, maximum impact and can be performed safely indoors.

Our friendly Camels can be booked individually, for scene setting and walk rounds or even rides. We also offer Camel Racing if you have the space! Camel hire can be very expensive, so come to the experts and let us solve that problem for you

Our Belly Dancers and Camel hire are available in Sussex, Surrey and throughout the UK


Nothing is too much trouble, so please feel free to contact us for a quote, it’s free and we won’t spam you, or pester you with phone calls!

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